ONLINE RS Mani’s “BECOME WOW VIDEOMAKERS” Level 1 : Self Portrait / YouTuber 2 DAY’S ; Each Day : 3 Hours / Day ,10am

What do you Learn :

  1. Create a Impressive script for your Self Portrait Videos or YouTube Videos
  2. How to Face the Camera and Talk ? ( Without seeing the Scripts )
  3. How to Start your Video and End Your Video ?
  4. What are the 3 Key Elements in a Video ?
  5. How to shoot your videos with a Mobile or Professional Cameras ?
  6. How to you Edit your Self Portrait Videos ? Like :
    a.Splitting the Video into 2 or more Videos
    b. Trimming the unwanted portion of the Videos
    c. Enhancing the Video ( like brightness, contrast , exposure etc )
    d. Extracting Audio from Video
    e. Capture Photos from Video for Thumbnail Creation.
    f. Cropping the Video and many more,
  7. How to Add Voice over for the Video ?
  8. How to Add Background Music to your Video?
  9. How to Add Images, Logos to your Video ?
  10. How to Add Text to your Videos ?
  11. How to shoot Green Matt and edit for your Videos?
  12. How to Render your Videos ?
  13. How to Upload your Video to YouTube ?
  14. How to Write a Impressive Caption for your Thumbnail ?
  15. How to Create a Thumbnail for your Video ? and many more.

To Join India’s Best Online Video Making Online Workshop with more than 300+ Participants giving 5 STAR Rating for the Session .

We Provide FREE Basic :

  1. Video Editing Software ( Also, We provide you the PRO Version link @ Special Price Just Rs 550+ Life time )
  2. Thumbnail Creation Software
  3. Background Music Audio Library with Royalty Free
  4. Text to Voice Over Software .
  5. Lifetime Member Facebook / WHATS APP Support Group

To Register WhatsApp Your Name, Business, Location to : +919840298421

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